Sunday, October 10, 2010


What the fuck is wrong with people on craigslist. Jackoffs selling shit for obscene amounts of money and they cant even list the shit right? Heres a tip fuckass AMD 3800 IS NOT A 3.8 GHZ its a 2.4 3800 is the model number. I had an amd 5400 didn't make it a fucking 5.4, and when i sold it i didnt sell it as a 5.4.

People of craigslist I beg you! Read what the fuck these idiots are saying then do what I do... Send em an email and call em out so they tell you to go jack off elsewhere. Troll Freely my friends!


  1. thats a cool way of looking at it!

  2. Well, perhaps they just don't know... or perhaps they hope some food is stupid enough to fall for it. If you really want a laugh though, you should read the rants... or the missed connections under personals... funny funny funny shyte